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Carnivorous May 4, 2012

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In the novel, the Taliban were the only carnivorous people in Afghanistan. They were the only ones worthy of meat: “I’m sorry we can’t offer you meat. Only the Taliban can afford meat now” (Kite Runner 238).



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In Afghanistan, the Taliban are the dominion of the country, seeing as they rule over everyone and everything there. The moment they approached, you were instantly terrified: “His roaming eyes fell on me. Held my gaze. I’d never felt so naked in my entire life” (Kite Runner 247).



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When Amir is staying with Farid and his family while on his search for Hassan’s son, he has vegetables and steamed rice for dinner. As he is eating this, he thinks the children covetĀ his watch, when actually they covet his food, as they are starving: “They hadn’t been staring at the watch at all. They’d been staring at my food” (241).



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Everyone in Afghanistan during the time of theĀ Kite Runner has a terrible phobia of the Taliban. Whenever the Taliban approach, the Afghans try to avoid contact with them: “Keep your eyes on your feet when the Talibs are near” (248).


Facet March 21, 2012

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My mom’s elegant wedding ring has 42 facets, and they all shimmer in the sun light. All of the facets are the same, however, there is not another ring like my mom’s ring.



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The facade of the house was a creme color with light blue shutters and a bright red door. Because of the facade, the house was always being noticed from the street as one of the better looking houses on the street.



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Surgeons are constantly seeing and dealing with different cerebral tumors, in which they would need to open the patient’s skull to have it treated and removed. This procedure is very dangerous and could harm the brain in the process.